Tourist Walks Into The Red Sea And Casually Gives Birth

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The identity of the mother is not revealed and the condition of the baby and mother after the childbirth is not known.

The Express also noted that a "bucket was on hand to catch the placenta", leading to speculation that the woman had planned to give birth in the Red Sea.

A newborn baby got quite the unique start to life after its mum gave birth in the Red Sea in Egypt, before being carried by two men out of the water and onto the beach. The photos taken by Mohamed Elsaid from a balcony of a hotel he owns shows the woman, her husband and a doctor.

The images show a man carrying the newborn with the umbilical chord still attached and the father of the baby is seen carrying the placenta in a bowl.

The original photos were shared by fellow tourist Hadia Hosny El Said on March 10. She does not look as if she just went through labour and looks more like she had just gone for a swim.

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El Said also captured photos of the new mother emerging from the water as well as another child on the beach.

The couple and the elderly doctor who assisted with the birth, are reportedly Russian.

Social media users praised the woman for her apparent "beauty" and "easiness" during the baby's water birth.

"Another child was waiting on the beach before greeting the new arrival, with the mother joining a short time after in a touching family moment."
Hadia Hosny El Said wrote in the caption: "The Mother came out of the sea after giving birth and it was nothing".

The Daily Mail report says that the water birth in the Red Sea may have been "unexpected", but BabyCentre gives a brief rundown of the history of water births, saying that giving birth in the sea is not a new idea.