The internet can't get over this Chinese journalist's dramatic eye-roll

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The Chinese media's willingness to accept the word of the country's leadership is notorious but the mask slipped when one reporter rolled her eyes at a colleague's toadying question.

As the detailed question from Zhang Huijun (in the red suit) drags on, Liang Xiangyi (in the blue suit) rolls her eyes multiple times. The reason - a dramatic, very obvious and exasperated eye-roll she gave to a fellow journalist at a press conference that went viral in China after it was broadcast live on state media. "It can be said that the eye-rolling reporter is rolling her eyes for the whole country", said one Weibo user.

The channel is known to have a tie-up with China's State broadcaster, CCTV.

A chat between the Huijun and her friend has also been leaked online in which the former appears quite annoyed at Xiangyi for rolling her eyes at her. The searches were later censored and blocked according to, a site that monitors censored items on the Chinese social media.

However, not everyone supports the blue-dressed woman, who is named Liang Xiangyi.

The roll-eye came in response to a lengthy question at one of the heavily-scripted press conference held on a sideline of China's annual Parliament, the National People's Congress.

In addition to Liang's name, the search term "question-asking bitch" controversially became popular on Weibo. T-shirts and mobile phone covers celebrating Liang's inadvertent and flamboyant show of dissent were selling on online stores such as Taobao.

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It came as a moment of light relief at the congress, where almost 3,000 delegates on Sunday unanimously approved a constitutional amendment to abolish presidential term limits, clearing the way for Xi Jinping to rule China indefinitely.

Later on Tuesday the Chinese government issued an "urgent notice" banning the media from discussing the episode.

"The transformation of the responsibility of supervision for state assets is a topic of universal concern". As the director of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, what new moves will you make in 2018? This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up Policy, and our country is going to further extend its openness to foreign countries.

"With the One Belt One Road Initiative, state-owned enterprises have increased investment to countries along the route of One Belt One Road, so how can the overseas assets of state-owned enterprises be effectively supervised to prevent the loss of national assets?"

"Anything already posted must be deleted".

"What mechanisms have we introduced so far, and what are the results?"

Liang's Weibo account can not be found and it is not clear if she has lost her job over her newfound internet fame. Will you please explain this to all of us?