Spotify Now Allows Users To Edit Song Information

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Apple Inc.'s Apple Music is adding subscriber accounts in the a higher rate than Spotify, and is on track to pass the No. 1 streaming service this summer, according to people in the record business familiar with figures reported by the two services. "We hope to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so that we can improve experiences for both listeners and artists".

There's no word when Spotify will be using the user generated corrections. but did offer: "Line-In is a work-in-progress, and we'll be adding features over time". Now, they've launched a new feature which allows its users to add information to song credits.

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The tool itself was publicly announced today, but had been in testing since last fall. Clicking a ✓ indicates your confirmation of that data, and clicking the ✕ tells us that data is incorrect. "Spotify considers the source, and thoroughly reviews and checks the accuracy of this information, before the suggestions are folded into the data that powers our services", its spokesperson clarified. They also check to see on how accurate your past suggestions have been.

ITWeb is attending the official launch on Tuesday and will provide more details as they become available. Based on the pricing of company stock traded on private markets, the company, launched in 2008 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is valued at $23.4 billion. In the process of recommending, selecting and playing music, it accesses 5 petabytes of this data every single day.