Sony Releases CG Trailer for God of War

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Now, in order to further stoke the flames of fandom, Sony and Santa Monica Studio have chose to put out 15 minutes of extended gameplay footage for the forthcoming action-adventure title.

The God of War gameplay video, which was posted on Reddit, shows Kratos in action as he decimates his foes using his new weapon, the Leviathan axe. "From what I was told we only played about 5% of the full game".

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The video suggests that God of War is even sharper than Horizon Zero Dawn by claiming it's "shaping up to be one of the cleanest games available on the platform". What's more is that the game features enemies with varying difficulty levels that are indicated by the color of their health bar.

Jason Mcdonald the lead gameplay designer on God of War says, "For this game even though we were changing pretty much everything about the combat, we wanted to make sure that Kratos still felt like he was a powerhouse". Towering boss battles are still present and correct, with Kratos having to fend off enemies considerably larger than himself, though the smaller enemies take the most of the damage. However, it does set the tone, world, and experience fans of the series can expect from Santa Monica's reboot/sequel. While prior installments have had their own systems for item upgrades, God of War for PS4 seems to get a little bit more in-depth.