Smoking may cause hearing loss

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Smoking increases the risk of hearing loss according to a recent study conducted by a team of Japanese researchers.

The tobacco industry has been advertising electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes since they were first introduced in the early 2000s, but researchers at Dartmouth College estimate they could cost 1.5 million years of life. That same year, 45.5 percent of high school-aged cigarette smokers said they had tried to stop smoking over the previous 12 months.

Launched to coincide with National No Smoking Day, the Vape to Quit campaign will also call for workplaces to go smoke-free by banning smoking on the premises and replacing smoking areas with designated vaping areas.

"E-cigarettes are also particularly effective when combined with support from pharmacies and people who choose this route have some of the highest quitting success rates". However, the Dartmouth researchers point out that a future in which e-cigarettes do help people quit isn't impossible-as long as they're kept out of the hands of young people.

The Western University research team says its findings suggest female smokers who start exercising before they try to quit might have a better chance at kicking the habit.

Colette Rogers, Strategic Lead for Tobacco Control with the Public Health Agency, said: "Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing".

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More people in Yorkshire get lung cancer than any other cancer type.

There was a time where smoking didn't cause cancer, and hey, loads of doctors smoke! E-cigarettes use cartridges of chemicals, including nicotine, that are transformed into vapor.

"E-cigarette use is not covered by United Kingdom smoke-free laws, which prohibit smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces. I don't think this would have been possible if I hadn't of made the decision to become healthier, stopping smoking made me healthier and enhanced how I performed while taking part in physical activity".

Electronic cigarettes have always been touted not only as a safer alternative to cigarettes but as a potential avenue by which existing smokers might quit.

Media worldwide are invited to attend a press event announcing the results of the 2018 State of Smoking Survey, a study commissioned by the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World that aims to better understand why people smoke, what motivates smokers to want to quit, and what makes quitting hard.

"It is vital that healthcare professionals understand that vaping is an essential tool for improving the health of people living in our region".