Robert Downey Jr.'s Doctor Dolittle Reveals Full Voice Cast

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The star on Tuesday revealed the voice cast for his upcoming reboot of Doctor Doolittle, titled The Voyage of Dr Doolittle.

It was previously announced that Jim Broadbent and Harry Collett were co-starring in a picture, which Universal apparently outbid other studios for the right to produce.

Previously-announced cast members, whose roles have now been confirmed, include Emma Thompson as Polynesia the parrot, Selena Gomez as Betsy the giraffe, Tom Holland as Jip the dog, and Ralph Fiennes as Barry the tiger. Universal acquired the rights to film the movie a year ago. By the casting announcements and the talent behind the picture (Oscar victor Tom Stoppard also wrote an early draft of the screenplay), we imagine that it will err closer to the original 1920s books written by Hugh Lofting than the Eddie Murphy movies, that hailed from 1990s kitsch.

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Stephen Gaghan (Gold, Syriana) directs from a script he rewrote from Tom Sheppard's draft.

Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas also star in the film, but play live-action characters alongside Downey Jr., who will star as the good doctor himself. Roth and Kirschenbaum's previous hits have included Alice In Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Maleficent, while Susan Downey's credits include the Sherlock Holmes franchise, The Judge and The Brave One. This movie in particular will be based on the second novel in the thirteen book Dolittle series, which could also mean that if it's a success, that there will be a lot more stories to adapt and build upon.

Eddie Murphy most recently played Doctor Dolittle on the big screen in two films in 1998 and 2001, while Kyla Pratt played the vet's daughter in 2006 straight-to-video release Dr. Dolittle 3.