Nintendo Switch updates to 5.0 with nothing exciting at all

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After heading to, they need to sign in to their Nintendo Account.

A modest sized update: Tweaks parental controls, makes adding friends easier, and gifts players with new user icons.

Still on Parental Controls, Nintendo has changed the default method for typing Parental Controls PIN.

Other changes to Parental Controls have been implemented as well. Instead of the on-screen number pad, users will now enter their PIN using the Control Stick and buttons, by default.

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that Undertale was coming to Nintendo Switch.

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The free app lets parents easily monitor how much their child plays on Nintendo Switch, choose how long they can play for each day, and set restrictions to limit what they can access.

Once the download is complete, you'll be asked if you'd like to install the update.

EF Games will bring you more information on GameMaker Studio 2 Nintendo Switch edition and the games it powers as it is released.

Unlike past versions, it has introduced some pretty MASSIVE updates to the console and is the latest update to the console since May. The installation process could take minutes and the console will have to restart to complete the update.

Only time will tell in regards to these choices, but until Nintendo decides to let us in on a few more secrets, we want to know who YOU would include in your ideal Smash Bros Switch roster.