Navy Commissions Virginia-Class Attack Submarine USS Colorado

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The U.S. Navy recently added a brand new submarine, the U.S.S. Colorado to its armada, and unlike its other submarines in its class, this particular comes with an Xbox controller. The 7,800-ton submarine will also be used to deploy Special Operations troops and undertake surveillance missions. It might also save time, as numerous younger sailors reporting to the submarine already have a familiarity with the Xbox controller. Plus, it can be maneuvered by an Xbox controller.

We know that more than one would be an expert in handling the periscope of this submarine. Commander Reed Koepp, the USS Colorado's commanding officer, told The Associated Press that using commercial off-the-shelf technology saves money.

It took submarine supply businesses nationwide and thousands of shipyard employees in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia to build the Colorado, the 15th member of the Virginia class of submarines.

Attack submarines are built in a partnership between General Dynamics Electric Boat in CT and Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia at a cost of around $2.7 billion apiece. If they instead replace the equipment with an Xbox controller, it will cost around $40.

"Our submarines are in high demand today and the expectations for Colorado are a mile high", Adm. J. Franklin Caldwell, Jr., Director of Naval Reactors, said in his speech on March 17.

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As great power rivalry between the United States, Russia and China continues to heat up, submarines like Colorado will likely have an every greater role to play.

Annie Mabus, the daughter of former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, gave the order to bring the ship to life before the crew boarded the vessel at the end of the ceremony, which is a Navy tradition.

More than 2,000 Navy officials, politicians, shipbuilders, local community leaders and guests of the crew are expected at the ceremony. The submarine will remain in Groton after the commissioning.

"We can not begin to imagine all the missions that she will do and all of the places she will sail, but we do know that Colorado's stealth, her endurance, her combat power, and her speed will ensure that our Navy remains in control of the undersea domain". The first Colorado, launched in 1856, saw action in the Civil War. The others were named for the state.