Hyundai Kona Electric SUV unveiled with 470 km range in one charge

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Hyundai unveiled the Kona EV today in a worldwide digital release.

Victor of the Fleet World Honours "One to Watch" category, the European Hyundai Kona Electric range matches the version sold in South Korea, and will be offered with long and short-range battery options. Hyundai could launch this electric SUV in India. Lastly, the Kona Electric gets its own set of 17-inch alloys to distinguish itself from the internal combustion models. Powered by a choice of electric powertrains, Hyundai claims that its new auto will be the first small SUV to be so-powered. Not only this but that the SUV will have a range of 482 km on a single charge.

"The creation of the Nexo SUV and Ioniq is a significant leap forward for Hyundai Motor as it intensifies our efforts to produce highly efficient, eco-friendly vehicles".

Hyundai is upping its EV game with the all-new Kona Electric. There are two choices in that. The EV comes with powertrain facility and one of the electric motors in it is the most powerful on the face of the planet. Hyundai says that the NEXO makes about 161 bhp of max power and peak torque of 395 Nm.

The 150-kW motor in the long-range trim shaves about two seconds off that acceleration time, and comes with a 64-kWh battery pack. The smaller battery pack is ideal for those commuting only in the city. It's arrival in the US market is still to be determined, but expected only the larger battery pack option stateside. Charging takes about three hours longer because of the higher capacity.

The Tesla S 75D starts from $130,699 plus on-roads and has a claimed range of 466km, while the Model X 75D SUV has a price-tag of $140,202 and a range of 565km.

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Both powertrains have a top speed of 104mph, and take 54 minutes to reach 80% charge using a 100kW fast charger. In typical SUV way, the NEXO is created to handle cold starts even when the outside temperature is -30 degree Celsius.

Hyundai Kona Electric SUV: Is it well equipped?

Drivers also benefit from the large seven-inch cluster, which displays key information about the car's driving performance and, in addition, the head-up display shows relevant driving information directly to the driver's line of sight. Along with this, is a centrally mounted, touchscreen infotainment display.

A shift-by-wire system enables an intuitive operation of the electric powertrain and eliminates the routing space required for housing the mechanical linkages between a normal shifter and the transmission, providing additional storage space up front.

Hyundai did confirm that it will launch an electric vehicle in India next year. All things considered, the Kona electric could make it to the Indian shores. Electric cars use "regenerative braking", drawing in energy to slightly recharge the batteries as the driver lifts off the accelerator and presses the brakes.