Google Assistant Can Now Perform Multiple Actions With Just One Phrase

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The routines are going live now, The Verge reports.

These next two Routines only work on Google Assistant on Android phones and iPhones, not Google Assistant smart speakers, TVs or devices.

The great thing about routines is that they're unique for every voice inside the household, meaning multiple users can configure their own routines as they like it. Keep an eye on the Google Routines support page, which shows the full list of the actions that are presently available. That particular command could: take your phone off silent; adjust lights, plugs, thermostats and more products to a certain setting; tell you about the day's weather, commute, calendar, or reminders; and adjust media volume.

When this feature rolls out it will replace the "My Day" section in Google's Home app, adding additional phrases and controls. For instance, users cannot program the assistant-enabled washing machine to start while leaving for work, and neither can the smart remote turn on the TV as a user gets home.

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Also, it is not known whether the messaging capability would run on SMS protocols or something else such as WhatsApp, which could also be used as it has the needed capabilities.

So, if you have a Google Home, Google Home Mini, or any other Assistant-powered smart speaker, you can now ask for not only a reminder but set a location for it to be issued. With a phrase or sentence, a series of pre-set actions will be triggered on your device and the other connected devices that are supported by Google Assistant.

Domino's Pizza joined the roster of Google Assistant ordering partners last December and played a starring role in the Google Fun House last weekend (pizzas were handed out to those waiting in line, while those inside got to test ordering by saying, "Okay Google, talk to Domino's..." and then track an order using the pizza chain's "order tracker" on its mobile app).