Facebook starts direct PC-game streaming and spectator in-game rewards

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Now, Facebook is looking to get even more mixed in with a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that puts a strong emphasis on game streaming, especially on the popular front of PC gaming.

And a new rewards feature enables developers to grant free, in-game rewards for viewers that tune in during livestreams on Facebook. This works in a similar way, only it rewards players for watching Facebook streams.

Facebook integration also allows for the use of an enhanced "Friend Finder" which allows streamers to play with their friends more easily, as well as a "Key Player Stats" section that can help the streamer determine whether or not a player should continue to be a part of their current party.

Increasing community engagement by making it easier and more rewarding for players to share from the most important surface of all: a developer's game.

Paladins and Smite developer Hi-Rez has actually been trialling the feature for sometime.

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Once this feature is added, the game can be streamed directly to a Facebook page with no additional hardware needed. The developer used it to gauge viewer interest recently during the Paladins Global Series, and will start giving out rewards during the Paladins Premier League on March 24.

The PC-game-streaming feature will help developers bring more players into their games earlier, for longer chunks of time, and more often, Facebook said.

Here it is: our list of the best PC games right now. Having players log in with their Facebook accounts gives potential access to a lot of user information that might not otherwise be available, and as Facebook point out, this can be invaluable to developers who want to understand and shape their communities more effectively.

These new changes are said to launch in the next couple of weeks.