Dem operatives fume after Hillary disses Trump voters

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"W$3 e don't do well with married white women", Clinton explained.

Jodhpur: Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today picked injuries in her hand during her visit to Rajasthan's Jodhpur and had to cancel some of her programmes as a result, officials said.

Allies of the former presidential candidate have suggested she lay low and not make statements unless they are absolutely necessary.

The doctors said the Democratic Party candidate in the 2016 USA presidential polls had a sprain in her hand and was given required treatment.

The comments from Democrats were published just hours after the party seemed poised to pick up a U.S. House seat that once seemed way out of reach. "But there are studies that show that how white women vote, especially those who are married, is highly influenced by the politics of their husbands", writes the liberal newspaper. Even a single-digit loss by Lamb would have been considered a feat.

Francis shrugged that off by saying Democrats tried it during the election and it didn't work. Tribalism in voting exists on both sides: The intersectional politics of the Democratic Party is inherently race-based, and Trump successfully responded to that sort of politics in reactionary fashion.

If Democrats continue with that quest, they'll alienate the very voters who gave Trump victory in 2016.

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Lahren argued that Democrats cannot win "middle America" unless they distance themselves from Clinton.

'She puts herself in a position where [Democrats] from states that Trump won will have to distance themselves from her even more, ' one former senior Clinton aide told the newspaper.

'That's a lot of states, ' the ex-aide added.

A number of endangered Democratic senators come from red states too.

Mike Reed, the deputy communications director at the Republican National Committee, pointed out to reporters Sen. It's an entirely other thing to pull off losing to President Trump. "The Democrat brand is isolated, elitist, and as out-of-touch as it ever has been".

Last weekend, Hillary Clinton spoke in India.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who is also up for re-election said that he doesn't "really care what she said" and that her words are "not helpful". 'But this one is impossible to ignore.