"Dawson's Creek" cast reunites after 20 years for Entertainment Weekly cover

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Katherine, who is actually nearly two years older than Michelle, ended up making a name for herself in sci-fi series Roswell, which debuted more than a year after Dawson's Creek premiered in 1998.

Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee), and Mary Beth Peil (Evelyn "Grams" Ryan) were all in attendance, as well as creator Kevin Williamson, making for some truly nostalgic photos.

Entertainment Weekly released five commemorative covers to celebrate the landmark series' 20th anniversary: one with the four leads together, and the others featuring them individually - save for Williams, who shares hers with real-life BFF Philipps, a season 5 arrival.

"I think we've all sort of seen each other over the years, but not everybody all together", she said. "I remember loving the script", Van Der Beek told PeopleTV. "I remember thinking everybody was wonderful and all the actors were perfectly cast".

Joshua Jackson Michelle Williams James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes
DAWSON'S CREEK INSTAGRAM Joshua Jackson Michelle Williams James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes

Williams said she loved the impact the show had on young viewers. When something affects you while you were growing up, it kind of stays in there forever. Jackson portrayed Pacey Whitaker who also falls for Joey and in the finale of the show ends up with her.

The actors said the "Dawson's Creel" shooting location in Wilmington, North Carolina, made the cast like a close-knit family because of its isolation from NY and Los Angeles, where most other television shows were made.

"I think, especially when we first started, I was still a teenager and it was nice to read a script that I felt expressed things that I was still trying to understand for myself", explains Holmes, who played Joey Potter. Dawson (Van Der Beek) is a budding director who finally gets to meet his lifelong idol, Steven Spielberg. That's why people, I think, are so connected to it.

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