'Celebrity Big Brother': Omarosa Manigault Shares Her Plans After Joining CBS Show

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Newman, who plans to refocus her energy on her ministry in Florida, reiterated - as she said on "Celebrity Big Brother" - that Trump's tweets concerned her. During an appearance on The Late Show Wednesday, she clarified that the moment was "part of a bigger discussion" about immigration.

"I believe that the immigration debate will continue, and it's very hard and complicated subject", said Omarosa, who is the former director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaisons.

"That's why I was a bit emotional. I don't want 15 seconds on a reality show to encapsulate such a serious subject".

Colbert then asked for further context for her comment about leaving the White House feeling like she'd been "freed from a plantation". Later in other clips, Omarosa talks about how President Trump uses Twitter as a distraction, noting that "he's never getting off Twitter".

Said Omarosa: "He announced major policy issues on Twitter". "For someone who is in communications, like Hope [Hicks] and myself, you know, that's not a place you want to find out at 5:00 in the morning about something that would impact so many people's lives", she said. When asked, she said we would not be okay.

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On CBS's The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert tried to get Manigault to spill some of the beans on Hicks. "So it was actually a great reprieve", she added.

"I love the dramatic ... the way they describe this White House sounds reality TV-ish", she said.

"If my best friend was president tomorrow, I'd feel better", he responded to applause from the audience, "because she is way smarter than I am". In a conversation with comedian Ross Mathews, Omarosa said: "It's not going to be OK, it's not. And I think one year in the Trump White House was more than enough for me".

At that, she gave in a little: "I got to attend the inauguration of Bill Clinton, Bush, Obama, and when we got to the Trump inauguration and they said this was the largest crowd size, I'm like, man, I've been to a lot of inaugurations and this isn't the biggest crowd size". Colbert listed actions including Trump's response to the 2017 violence in Charlottesville, defending Alabama political candidate and alleged sexual abuser Roy Moore and attacking Arizona Sen. Omarosa called all actions "awful", "unacceptable" or "unequivocally terrible".