VLC update adds Chromecast and HDR support

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The full list of improvements is available on the VLC announcement page.

We're looking at HDR10 support, and hardware-accelerated 4K/8K video on everything from smartphones, to PCs.

VLC 3.0 also supports up to 8K 360-degree video formats, along with 3D audio to enhance the experience.

VLC 3.0 is the first synchronized release between the desktop app and the mobile ports, and moving forward, they will share the same version numbers.

It's no wonder VLC 3.0 is an update geared towards the feature and created to offer the best value for their longtime users. That task must be performed outside VLC.

Plug these cheap Google Chromecast dongles into your TV's HDMI port and blammo you can now beam video to it from your phone or laptop with VLC 3.0
VLC Media Player 3.0 is out with support for HDR, Chromecast playback and more

VLC 3.0 marks a huge behind-the-scenes change that standardizes the media player across all platforms.

The release also supports 10bit video, audio passthrough for HD audio codecs and will let you browse local network and network-attached storage (NAS) drives for media. VLC can convert any video file into a format that the Chromecast device can read. There's just one catch: Chromecast support only works on Android and Chromebooks for the time being, and it's still a "beta" feature that will draw heavily on your device's CPU and battery to cast. VideoLAN (the developers behind VLC) chose to develop their own streaming stack, rather than use closed-source components.

If you're wondering why Chromecast support took so long, it's because VLC is 100% open source software, unlike Google's Chromecast SDK.

The latest version of the video player has been rolled out on Android, iOS devices, Apple TV, Windows, Linux and every other major platform.

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