US Winter Olympics team is too gay to win medals

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John Moody, Executive Editor and Executive VP of Fox News, penned an explosive opinion piece on Wednesday in which he seems to suggest that the US Winter Olympics team has made themselves "darker, gayer" at the expense of racking up medals.

"The motto of the Olympics, since 1894, has been 'Faster, Higher, Stronger, '" Moody wrote.

Moody's perspective was sparked by a statement by Jason Thompson, the USOC's director of diversity and inclusion, who told The Washington Post on February 4 that while the 2018 usa team is more diverse than other rosters in the past, "We're not quite where we want to be".

The piece, titled "In Olympics, let's focus on the victor of the race - not the race of the victor", criticized a US Olympic official for praising the diversity of this year's American athletes and caused outrage after it was published Wednesday.

"No sport that we are aware of awards points - or medals - for skin color or sexual orientation", Moody continues.

The column started to first attract widespread attention on Thursday.

A Fox News insider told Business Insider that Moody's column was not put through the proper vetting process because of his high stature at the network, but that Moody no longer has editorial oversight over any platform at Fox.

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As Gabriel Sherman reported in his book "The Loudest Voice in the Room" - a biography of late Fox News chief Roger Ailes - Moody was among those who helped build the Fox News sensibility from the ground up.

Tom Harrington, a CBC host, said "as the world celebrates the peaceful global festival" at Pyeonchang, a "gold medal for tone deafness" should be awarded to Moody.

"Oh, hey, it's the executive editor and executive vice president of Fox News saying the United States should embarrassed by the diversity of its Olympic athletes,"Washingtonian writer Ben Freed tweeted". From that slender thread he weaves a tail of "political correctness" run amok and barely manages to keep his bigotry within the acceptable limit for Fox News. "Moody should not only apologize to the athletes and fans for this disgraceful post, but Fox News should open their site for diverse athletes to share their own personal stories and perspectives".

So Biney could likely explain to Moody what it takes to qualify for the Olympics.

But by Friday, it was gone, with a network spokesperson confirming that it had been removed. With the exception of figure skating, I'm pretty sure every single event at the Winter Olympics, and in the national qualifying events for them, is not judged based on some subjective criteria but by simply keeping track of your time, distance or the final score.

This seems relevant to Moody's USOC criticism, given Fox News' conservative reputation.