US Olympic Men's Hockey: Dates, times and Upstate New York athletes

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In the second period Jordan Greenway, the first African American to play for the USA men's Olympic hockey team, tapped in a puck that popped loose from a scrum in front of Kroselj.

One of the new things players on either side of the border war agree on is that the rivalry brings out the best with both teams.

Since 2013 he has been playing mostly in Russia's KHL with CSKA Moscow.

The teams squared off in a fight during a October 12, 2013, game in Burlington, Vt. after USA defenseman Monique Lamoureux bumped Canada goaltender Shannon Szabados. That goal forced overtime, where Slovenia continued to ride its momentum.

A team who never quit, the Slovenians fought their way into the knockout round in Sochi four years ago and finished seventh. So there's no time to dwell on their shocking Olympic-opening loss, and head coach Tony Granato is tasked with making sure it doesn't snowball into something worse-like not coming home with a medal.

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With captain Brian Gionta off for tripping, the USA got a couple of scares when Slovenia hit the post early on the power play and then nearly scored moments later.

Goals from Jan Urbas and Mursak in the third period sent the tie into overtime. With 1:37 left, Mursak scored from in front when playing six on five.

Former 15-year National Hockey League veteran and team captain Brian Gionta leads the American roster for the tournament, which runs from Wednesday through February 24. The members of the current American team have been scattered across the globe and just found out on January 1 that they were on the team. Give them credit. All-in-all, I liked the way we played. In that regard, the US caught a break facing Slovenia first as opposed to the Russians, whom the Americans will face on Saturday.

The U.S. defenseman Matt Gilroy blocked an initial pass from Rok Ticar to Mursak.