Update turns The Evil Within 2 into a first-person horror game

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An update has been released for The Evil Within 2.

This first-person mode is located in the General settings (Options General).

The first-person mode is a free update to the game and it should automatically download. The community began clamoring for this feature to be officially extended to the rest of the game, and the development team at Tango Gameworks has listened.

Producer Shinsaku Ohara shared his thoughts about the process and challenges of bringing a first-person perspective to a third-person game. Should it not be one's cup of tea, though, Bethesda has said that players can switch from the game's default third-person camera perspective to first-person at any point while playing by simply flipping a switch in a menu.

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When the developers were asked what kind of work goes into this Point of View shift change in-game, the responded "The Evil Within 2 wasn't designed as a first-person game, so obviously it was pretty hard".

Owners of the PC version of The Evil Within 2 have had unofficial access to the game's first-person mode since October, when players discovered the option was available as a console command.

This latest patch for The Evil Within 2 also makes it possible so that the game can correctly display native resolution of 2240 x 1260, output at 3840 x 2160 on 4K monitors.