Twitter says most recent follower purge is about bots, not politics

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Twitter announced Wednesday new limits on automated tweets and multiple accounts operated by the same user in what is viewed as the company's latest effort to crack down on spam and political propaganda spread through bots. We focus on suspicious account behaviors that indicate inorganic, automated activity, or abusive behavior. Users are urged to enable verification of their account via their phone number to unlock their accounts.

Many report losing a significant number of followers, while other users report being locked out of their accounts and being instructed to share a phone number in order to regain access to their accounts.

The steps are part of Twitter's ongoing battle to reduce the amount of spam and bot activity now taking place on the site. Twitter says it's already updated TweetDeck to reflect the new rules. An organization that tracks Kremlin-backed Twitter accounts - the Alliance for Securing Democracy - has said such influence operations are still active and are targeting sensitive national issues, such as gun control after last week's Florida school shooting.

Instead of posting identical content to multiple accounts, Twitter recommends creating a tweet from one account and then retweeting the content from another account.

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Last month, Twitter revealed that more than 50,000 accounts on the platform were linked to Russian propaganda and almost 700,000 Americans were exposed to that content-much of which is believed to have been produced and spread by the Internet Research Agency, a Russian bot farm operated out of St. Petersburg and often associated with the Russian government. For some Twitter users the Russian influence is clear.

More: Robert Mueller investigation: What is a Russian troll farm? They claimed the company never had a consistent policy for dealing with how bots abuse Twitter.

A number of "alt-right", pro-Trump, and self-described conservative social media personalities awoke this morning to find that they had a lot fewer followers on Twitter than they had the night before. The suit filed in San Francisco Superior Court alleges Twitter violated a California law that protects free speech in public spaces.

Yoel writes that these changes are "important steps" to make sure the site is doing what it can to reduce the amount of malicious activity targeting conversations taking place on Twitter and specifically calls out the U.S. elections.