Twitch May Ban You for Being Abusive on Other Platforms

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Twitch announced updates to its community guidelines today, all of which will go into effect on February 19 at 9am PT. In a blog post, Amazon's livestreaming video site detailed how these changes will work, and how it is trying to serve the community with these new rules.

The platform has recently expanded into non-gaming content and says the updates are needed to "govern this ever-changing landscape". You wouldn't want to lose your Twitch account for being hateful to someone on Geocities.

Likely foreseeing that its new rules may embolden men who hold views similar to Trainwreck, Twitch's blog says that it will keep handing out suspensions to similar misogynistic rants in the future.

With that statement coming from Twitch, I have to agree with them.

We're just a few months shy of celebrating Twitch's seventh birthday, and during these last seven years the company has grown from a start up to the world's most recognizable streaming platform.

A sort of hypocritical Twitch was quoted saying "Our goal is to increase clarity, strength, and consistency across our entire moderation framework, as well as the frequency and level of detail of our moderation communications", however maybe it could really be time for Twitch to undo all their wrongs. "To that end, we are strengthening our stance on harassment and hate".

This is extending beyond the immediate Twitch experience as, "V$3 erifiable hateful or harassing conduct that takes place off-Twitch when making moderation decisions for actions that occur on Twitch". It seems like Twitch partners will be held to their brand even off stream.

"Please remember, even if you're just joking with your friends, you're still choosing to stream on a service that reaches a large audience", reads the blog. I feel like this might be a step back from what Twitch should be achieving, simply for the fact that I believe the lines will once again - become blurred.

Guiding the community is an enormous responsibility and one we take to heart. "You can also expect significant improvements to AutoMod, Twitch's automated chat moderation system", Twitch said in closing.

This isn't to mention that streamers can not find success off of Twitch these days.

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"We will not be monitoring other platforms", a representative of Twitch told Kotaku.

The second big change is to sexual content guidelines.

This has been a long requested change from Twitch users all around the globe.

Viewers have the option to tip streamers they enjoy watching, and some have taken advantage of lax rules in IRL to entertain fans by dancing or doing suggestive exercises like squats to tempt subscribers or earn Twitch's micro-currency.

When it comes to reading intent, Twitch may have a much tougher problem attempting to moderate sexual content. The second, titled "inappropriate broadcaster behaviour and attire" prohibit "nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire".

"Twitch is an open global community with users of many ages and cultures". The latest changes target harassment and sexual content, in which any reports will be treated in a holistic manner with zero tolerance. Sexual content of any kind is not allowed, but the company is updating its policy to "review your conduct in its entirety when evaluating if the intent is to be sexually suggestive", Twitch wrote.

Apart from these measures, Twitch is responsible for listing stream titles, emotes, and the camera angles as the elements that are contextual which they shall be monitoring.

Sexual content has always been prohibited, but some women have complained about being reported just for the way they're dressed.

The blog post mentioned that the attire that is practiced mostly in the gaming streams, the channel imageries, the home streams should be basically appropriate for all the public, restaurants, malls and everything else.

The new rules will come into affect on Monday, Feb. 19 at 9am PT.