The Surge 2 Announced, View the First Details

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Deck 13 are now working The Surge 2 and it's been given a rough completion date of 2019.

The Surge is a series set in a sci-fi universe belonging to the kind of souls-like games, or those role-playing games with a large component of action in which death plays a fundamental role in the game mechanics.

The Surge, received around a 70% score on Metacritic, with most issues being positioned towards the game's boring level design and at times frustrating difficulty spikes.

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All that's been released so far is a piece of artwork (seen above) and an official description of the game which can be read below. Announcing through the game's Facebook page the developer stated that The Surge 2 is in development and will be released in 2019.

While you wait for The Surge 2, check out The Surge's theme park DLC, A Walk in the Park. Rather than being confined to the CREO campus, this new game will have players suffer The Surge in a "a sprawling, devastated citywith larger and more ambitious level design" thanks to Deck13's upgraded game engine.

The game will include numerous features from the first game such as the limb targetting but promises to expand on the mechanics in the sequel. Naturally, The Surge 2 will also include other expected enhancements like new weapons, abilities, drones, and implants, everything a player will need to take down the sequel's new enemy types and boss encounters.