Tesla Share Price Remains High From the Rocket Man Effect

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The company says demonstration missions typically carry steel or concrete blocks as mass simulators, but Musk decided it would be more worthwhile to launch something fun and without irreplaceable sentimental value: a red Roadster for the red planet with a fake astronaut in the driver's seat. It's now on its way to the asteroid belt that rings the very edges of our neighbourhood, Mr Musk said.

According to their website, customers who were waiting for the standard battery variant, rear wheel drive Model 3 will have to wait almost one more year.

However, the company made a big step forward recently with the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The reason for this push-back is reported to be because of the losses that the company has been facing over the last few quarters. The Palo Alto, California-based automaker is struggling to meet production targets for its first mass-market auto, the Model 3 sedan. Musk always warned the company would see a slow start before an exponential rise and leveling off again at around 1 million cars per year by 2020.

"He appears to be more eager to sell hats and flamethrowers rather than meeting previously stated production targets for Tesla vehicles", Thibault wrote in a note to investors.

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That said, the Model 3 assembly line is nearly completely automated for the first time. Musk predicted Tesla could increase the velocity of its assembly lines from today's upper limit of about 0.2 meters per second, or walking speed, to something approaching "jogging speed", or 20 times today's pace. And an explosion is precisely what Musk had said could happen for the better part of a year leading up to Tuesday's launch. "I expect to remain CEO for the foreseeable future", he said.

Mr Peake tweeted his congratulations the team on "a phenomenal technical achievement", adding that it marked "the dawn of a new era of space exploration". This was SpaceX's first attempt at a rocket of this size and sophistication.

If we hear more from SpaceX or NASA, we'll update this post.

Falcon Heavy, billed as the most powerful rocket in the world, lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida February 6.

Tesla is still far from being in the clear with regards to cash. It will also permit, for the first time, realistic projects to both colonize other celestial bodies and the development of true private industry in space.