'Spot a gay' list in Malaysian newspaper sparks outrage

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Further, the newspaper, Sinar Harian also included a list of characteristics associated with being a lesbian that includes liking being alone and hating and antagonizing men.

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, and the country still retains colonial-era sodomy laws that ban sexual acts "against the order of nature".

The piece, which appeared in the daily newspaper Sinar Harian, also states that homosexual men love going to the gym "to admire other men".

But Sinar Harian's article might pave the way for another wave of gay bashing in the conservative, Muslim-majority country, advocates anxious.

Lesbians, according to the list, like to belittle men and walk around holding hands and hugging each other.

Arwind Kumar, a Malaysian activist and social media influencer, criticized the list as "stupid" and warned it will "take away lives" in a video with almost 30,000 views.

He posted a video on his Facebook page which has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

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"If you really want to educate society then explain to them the traits of a paedophile, a molester, a murderer, a kidnapper, people who actually endanger the lives of others".

As part of the story, there was a checklist on how to spot a gay person. "With an article like this you are only going to take away lives", he said. Are you trying to say the they're gay? LGBT people, along with liberal and Shia Muslims, are seen as a threat by Malaysia's Sunni conservatives such as Hanafiah Malik, who told the newspaper there is an urgent need to stop the "rise" of homosexuality.

In March 2017, the release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast was postponed in Malaysia, because it contained "a gay moment".

An 18-year-old student was beaten and burned to death by classmates last year.

In June, the Malaysian Health Ministry sponsored a contest that offered up to $1 000 (almost R12 000) to youths who came up with videos about "preventing" homosexuality, the BBC reported.

Just a few months later Sameera Krishnan, a 27-year-old trans woman, was then stabbed and shot three times at her florist shop.

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