Sacha Baron Cohen paid OJ Simpson $20K to be in new film

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This has prompted swift outrage from both the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, according to sources close to the production.

"Paying money-cash no less-in secret to O.J. Simpson is 100 percent unadulterated sleaze", Cook later told the New York Post.

The Mail did not get a comment from Baron Cohen, but they spoke with Simpson, who admitted to knowing the Oscar-nominated Borat star.

Simpson told the outlet of Cohen, "I know him well".

Although the Heisman Trophy victor and NFL Hall of Fame running back was famously acquitted of charges that he murdered his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Goldman in 1994, a civil jury found Simpson liable for the slayings and ordered him to pay $25 million to the two families - a penalty that has largely been ignored by O.J.

"There was no way Sacha could have got OJ into the room without paying money", the source told the Mail.

Naturally, there's drama involved with the potential acting gig, being that Simpson owes money to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. "This is not a joke, nor is it entertainment", said Tanya Brown, Nicole's sister to The Daily Mail.

Sacha Baron Cohen paid OJ Simpson £15000 to appear in his forthcoming film
OJ Simpson Cast in Sasha Baron Cohen's Next Movie

Baron-Cohen will be joined by director Michael Winterbottom and producer Melissa Parmenter, who previously worked with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on The Trip, The Trip To Spain and The Trip To Italy. If Sacha makes this a comedic effort his victims will be personified as a joke. "There is a legal and moral imperative here", said collection lawyer David Cook, who represents Ron Goldman's dad, Fred Goldman, in the civil case against OJ.

O.J. Simpson is no stranger to Las Vegas hotel rooms.

Back in October, O.J. Simpson was released from Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Institute after spending nine years in prison for a Las Vegas robbery.

Is OJ Simpson making a Hollywood return?

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A disguised Cohen successfully met Simpson and handed him over $20,000 to participate. And it's on the house.

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