Read the White House letter denying release of Democratic memo

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The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee ripped Republicans for "hypocrisy" on memoranda detailing FISA warrants for spying on at least one person associated with the Trump presidential campaign.

The White House notified the House Intelligence Committee on Friday that the president was "unable" to declassify the Democratic memo because of national security concerns.

Schiff said the Grassley memo was "part of the same effort" to thwart claims of Russian collusion against Trump by putting the government "on trial". The FBI has said, put together by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-California, omits key information that could impact its veracity.

This move by @realDonaldTrump confirms what we have all known for weeks - that his decision to release the #NunesMemo was a blatantly political move made without concern for national security.

The FBI expressed "grave concerns" about the memo's accuracy and the Justice Department said in advance that its release, without proper review, would be "extraordinarily reckless".

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It is "absolutely not true" that President Donald Trump blocked a Democratic memo on the Russian probe because the White House has a lot to hide, and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., knows that, White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said Monday.

Mr. Nunes, the author of a memo making the initial charges against the Federal Bureau of Investigation said the panel's Democrats should be, but aren't, spending the weekend "redacting it so that we can get it back to the White House so the president can declassify it".

Mr. Schiff disputed the notion that the memo was improperly drafted, but when asked Sunday whether it contained sensitive information, he declined to say. "Their memo is sitting at the House Intelligence Committee down at the bottom of the Capitol waiting to be redacted", the California Republican told Fox News.

"If Schiff (or anyone else) is going to claim that it is Grassley's intent to undermine the Mueller probe, they should back it up with actual evidence or retract it and apologize for questioning the motives of their colleagues without any basis whatsoever", Foy said. The Democratic memo is thought to elaborate on those points. "We believe that Congressman Schiff potentially put in there methods and sources that he knew would need to be redacted", he said. But congressional Democrats and Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep Trey Gowdy of SC, who helped draft the GOP memo, have said it shouldn't be used to undermine the special counsel. "There ought to be ways in which the Democrats, the intel committee, can rewrite the memo without compromising sources and methods and get the full story out about what they feel is misleading about the Nunes memo".