Partial Solar Eclipse To Occur This Week - How To Watch It?

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"An eclipse can be due either to a dark body coming between us and a light emitter, so that we can no longer see the source, or it can be a body coming between a light source and the body that the light is illuminating, so that we no longer see the illuminated body". The Surya grahan comes two weeks after the rare Super Blue Blood moon.

On Sunday, while the SDO was checking out the sun it captured a total solar eclipse in space when the Earth passed between the SDO and the sun.

Eclipse 2017: The most stunning pictures of the total solar eclipse Tue, August 22, 2017 A total solar eclipse swept across a narrow portion of the contiguous United States from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina.

Here's everything you need to know about the partial solar eclipse: This event occurs when our natural satellite, the moon, blocks part of the sun.

When the moon passes from the orbit between the sun and the earth, the moon's shadow appears over the sun. The partial solar eclipse takes place over a span of six months, compared to which the total solar eclipse is a rare astronomical event.

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The partial solar eclipse 2018 will be visible in some parts of the southern hemisphere. Skygazers in Uruguay, Argentina, southern Chile, far western Paraguay, far southern Brazil and Antarctica can see the celestial event on Thursday, February 15 for approximately two hours. It will also be visible from some areas of the Antarctica, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

While the partial solar eclipse will not be visible to Indians, they can enjoy the LIVE web stream of NASA that will showcase this spectacle on NASA's website, Youtube channel and periscope @NASA.

What is a partial solar eclipse? The SDO's spring eclipse season began on 10 February and will end on 5 March. The eclipse will reach its maximum at 2:21 AM and the last location to see the partial eclipse would be at 4:17 AM. Skygazers should make sure that they do not watch the same with their naked eyes. Gazers can choose a pinhole camera as well to see the event. According to the scientists, taking safety measures is important before observing the solar eclipse.If you ignore these recommendations, you can lose your eyesight instantaneously or permanently. Astrologers believe that some of these bad effects can come out after the solar eclipse.

The next partial solar eclipse will be around 13 of July but that too will not be visible from India. Looking directly at the Sun can damage the eyes.

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