"My politics will definitely not be saffron" Kamal Haasan

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In his keynote address at the India Conference 2018 at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School on Saturday, Haasan clarified that he and Rajinikanth are good friends, but that politics a different space.

Haasan said that on February 21, the day he is slated to launch his party from Ramanathapu-ram, he will also announce a plan to adopt a village from every district in Tamil Nadu. Calling me a Tamilian is also an identity.

Haasan, who had recently announced his foray into the electoral politics, said that his "true objective today is to challenge the status quo and mediocrity in politics, that is plaguing the state of Tamil Nadu". "It is not like choosing a star cast for films". "My true objective today is to challenge the status quo and the mediocrity in politics that is plaguing the State", he said.

"If this is the route he (Rajini) is going to take and if the hue he is going to acquire is to be saffron, then I can't see a clear understanding".

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CHENNAI Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, who identifies as a "rationalist", has ruled out an alliance with his colleague Rajinikanth if the colour of latter's politics turns out to be saffron. But he kept the doors open. "Our general intent may be for the good of people, but I believe in a certain way in which good will have to reach the people", the actor said.

"Then I would not have to sit but stand and wait for the next time", he said indicating that he would prefer to be in the Opposition if his party does not get a majority. Hassan said, "My politics will definitely not be saffron."But he didn't deny an alliance from other parties, as when he was pressured by Journalist Barkha Dutt, he said that he could try to reach out to people".

"My true goal today is to challenge the status quo and mediocrity that has plagued Tamil Nadu".