Microsoft releases Cortana for iPad

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Microsoft claims that the app now launches 20 percent faster across all platforms, along with some general fixes to ensure it runs smoothly no matter the device.

Just like other personalised assistants, Cortana is built to deliver an experience that is tailor made for its user. Now, the company has released a massive update for the OneDrive app for iOS, which brings a refreshed user interface (UI) design and support for Apple's Files app. Microsoft has also revealed that it is working to bring the popular Edge web browser to iPads and its To-Do app to macOS.

More than two years after Microsoft's Cortana released for Android and iOS users, the app will now include native iPad support. With this support, you can view and share OneDrive files directly from the Files app.

KitGuru Says: It's good to see Cortana progressing a little bit further into the territory as Microsoft offers solid competition in the digital assistant market, even if it is usually locked down to proprietary search engines and websites.

Microsoft releases Cortana for iPad
Microsoft updates Cortana app to add iPad support, boots faster on all platforms

As per the information on App Store, the Cortana app is a 140.4MB download on iPad and it requires iOS 9.0 or later. Today, the Windows 10 version is available in 13 regions, versus Siri's current 36.

While you can use Cortana on your iOS devices, Microsoft's digital assistant can only be used in the app itself and isn't fully integrated with Apple's operating system.

Apple does not allow third-party apps to integrate directly into the OS, which means iPad users will only be able to use Cortana within its app.

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