Kingdom Hearts III trailer reveals Monsters Inc

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Disney's D23 event in Tokyo, Japan this weekend has already proven to be fantastic as we've had a handful of new details for Kingdom Hearts 3 including the unveiling of another Pixar-themed world: Monsters Inc.

Square Enix also released a new gameplay trailer revealing that Monsters Inc is a new world players can visit.

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The trailer opened with Sora, Donald, and Goofy meeting Marluxia, a member of New Organization XIII. It marks the character's mainline debut, after first appearing in one of several hundred spinoffs. In December a series of leaks were released that showed off what seemed to be screenshots of a developers build of Monsters Inc, an unannounced world for the upcoming action RPG.

Of course, Sora has been transformed into a monster version of himself, and now sports furry blue skin and red spiky hair. She interacts with the world by swinging her hair, using it to traverse environments and whip enemies. There's also a mini game which looks similar to a Game & Watch title. Check out the full trailer above. Square Enix has been kicking around ideas for Kingdom Hearts III as far back as 2006. It has now been split into two phases. Development is now split into three distinct sections: Early, middle, and late. There's around three worlds per section, but Square Enix noted that this doesn't mean there's nine worlds in total. They also commented on the status of these worlds saying that the early section was 90% complete, and the middle section was about 60% complete. He also stated that "It is bound to surprise everyone". Rapunzel was also shown as a new party character, while the game will also receive a new theme song called 'Don't Think Twice, ' created by Hikaru Utada.