Kanye West settled lawsuit from 2016 breakdown

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Two days later, his touring company, Very Good Touring Inc, filed the $10m (£7.1m) lawsuit against Lloyd's of London, alleging that the insurer had not fulfilled its loss claim for the tour.

At that time, West canceled the remaining 21 dates of his tour due to a serious and debilitating medical condition.

The artist spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars" on insurance with Lloyd's to cover the costs of a cancellation but was yet to receive a payment when he launched the action in August. In fact, the whole thing is about to go away, as West's company and Lloyd's of London filed a joint stipulation asking the California federal court to dismiss the case. Lloyd's claimed drug use was an exclusion under the policy.

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After trying to undercut West's claim for lost expenses, the Chicago superstar opened up a $10 million lawsuit. However, West's suit claimed Lloyd's had used tactics including a need for further examinations under oath in order to stall any potential payout. Kanye abandoned the tour and checked into a psychiatric care center following "strained, confused and erratic" behavior.

A mental health professional had confirmed that West had a breakdown and needed to be treated, but nonetheless, Lloyd's refused to pay out the money, suggesting that they needed proof that West had not been using drugs.

The consortium of insurers then countersued later that month denying that marijuana usage was the sole basis to deny the claim and citing discrepancies in West's medical history.