Israel's diabolic plan for Palestine

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"Since he took office, Trump's decisions on the Palestinian cause - recognizing Jerusalem to be the capital [of Israel] and cutting aid, which was the largest package to UNRWA [UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees] - are created to liquidate the Palestinian cause".

When asked when the USA will unveil its peace plan, the president responded by saying: "We are going to see what goes on". This includes declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel alone, which Trump has done, halting the UNRWA activity, and the Israeli government declaring a number of settlements annexed to Israel.

A senior Russian delegation met Palestinian officials in West Bank city of Ramallah after US President Donald Trump's move on Jerusalem last December.

"I think both sides will have to make hard compromises to reach a peace agreement", Trump added. Since Israel would never relinquish Jerusalem, the argument goes, it is better to just sweep the issue off the table.

Trump said he was not sure whether there would be peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, but said, "I think it is very foolish for the Palestinians, and I also think it would be very foolish for the Israelis, if they don't make a deal".

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"The settlements complicate on a different level - and it's always complicated - in making peace, so Israel needs to act with caution on the topic of settlements", Trump said.

Israel claims the whole of the city as its capital but the Palestinians want East Jerusalem, occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, to be the capital of a future Palestinian state. "Every time you take land for settlements, there is less land left", he said in February 2017. Since then he has cut USA funding to a United Nations agency that assists Palestinian refugees and threatened to withhold aid money to the Palestinians unless they resume negotiations with Israel.

Mr Trump repeated his view that the nuclear deal signed by the Obama administration with Iran was "catastrophic" and "terrible for so many sides, but especially for Israel" but would not... "Obama was awful. He was absolutely bad for Israel".

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday said he is ready to engage in negotiations with Israel but made it clear that East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine, as he held talks with visiting Prime Minister. "I think they are probably as good as they have ever been".