Howard Altman: Interplanetary rocket is next test for SpaceX

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Nonetheless, Falcon Heavy's coming-out-party can only be hailed as a major success, and it could herald a new era of space exploration.

All things considered, though, Falcon Heavy had a successful maiden flight, and created some great PR for the company (not that SpaceX really needs it).

In January, the most recent target revision for Model 3, the goal was adjusted to 2500 cars per week by the end of March 2018, and 5000 per week by the end of Q2 2018.

Engineers commonly load their rockets with heavy simulation cargo - often made of metal - so they can accurately test how these expensive launchers will behave as they blast through the skies at.

You just launched one of the most powerful rockets humans have ever built.

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Then there's the growing problem of space debris. However, the trajectory was not what it was supposed to be. The maiden launch of its super powerful Falcon Heavy sent a Tesla Roadster headed to the asteroid belt. Right now, says Gianluca Masi, an astrophysicist with the Virtual Telescope Project, you need a telescope of six-inches or larger to image the vehicle. Even in the asteroid belt, it seems the vehicle is unlikely to encounter anything beyond ultraviolet radiation, cosmic rays and other highly charged particles, and the occasional micrometeroid.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Check the video from 39mins and 50seconds the ufo in back ground". Experts are wondering how long the auto will last since it is being exposed to all of the harsh elements of space. Musk's Space X launched an interesting rocket and we are wide-eyed with amazement. Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, has a commercial space company called Virgin Galactic.

While Falcon Heavy proved the ability of SpaceX to successfully combine the thrust of a large number of engines (27!), the test launch was not completely successful.

"There is a part of the commercial market that requires Falcon Heavy", SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell told the Los Angeles Times a year ago. SpaceX is unable to reuse the two recovered boosters, as they have already made two flights. NASA has contracted SpaceX to transport some of their astronauts into space. But whether that happens in Texas or Florida is still to be determined, Dale Ketcham, chief of strategic alliances for Space Florida, told me Thursday.

Browning said his middle school computer science class watched a recording of the SpaceX launch on Wednesday since the launch was delayed and occurred after their class had dismissed on Tuesday. Scientists will be studying the data that the camera attached the the Tesla vehicle will be sending back. "And it's nearly like a road trip."A few months ago, Musk announced that he was planning to send two big equipment-carrying spacecraft to Mars in 2022, to be followed by one carrying astronauts in 2024". And complete a delayed coast-to-coast trip using the carmaker's Autopilot self-driving technology.