Google removes fake version of WhatsApp from Play Store

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With version 2.0 of Motion Stills now rolling out, Google Research is adding a new augmented reality (AR) mode, giving you more new things to play around with. As we move to the new feed experience for the Search app, which makes it easier than ever to discover and explore what matters to you, we've chose to remove the shortcuts feature. Download the Gesture Control app from Google Play Store and install it on your device. With this, the devices don't need to have a particular app installed on their handsets and they will still receive the notifications.

It appears that Google Photos is the latest Google app to soon adopt the feature, as 9to5Google reports. Oh yeah, also spam comments-a.k.a. the plague of Google's social network-are apparently being more seriously addressed in this update. At this time information is still lacking, but once we can confirm seeing these changes in action, we'll be sure to document them. If you choose the Settings option, you would be taken to the Google Play Services' settings menu to make proper changes.

AnonPlus attacca Matteo Renzi
Il sito intanto è inattivo, e la polizia postale indaga sull'accaduto. L'attacco hacker , rivendicato da AnonPlus con un tweet risalente addirittura a due giorni fa.

While Google+ might not have the userbase that Facebook or Twitter does, it still harbors its own functional communities, so it'll be interesting to see how this rewrite affects those that frequent the Android app. For example, your friend could send you a message on Allo even if you didnt have the app installed on your Android phone.

Google+ was supposed to be the social media platform that was going to save us all, while it's still used by a few hardcore fans it's mostly fallen by the wayside.