Gmail Go for Android arrives at Google Play Store

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Now, the first rumors of Android P have been heard shared, reporting that the main goal of Android P is to "improve the look of the software" while also copying the notch feature of the new iPhone X.

Bloomberg reported it is also expected to improve the battery life of Android devices and be able to handle newly designed phones including ones that have multiple screens or screens that can be folded. The design will mean more new Android phones with cut-outs at the top of their screens to fit cameras and other sensors.

Actually, there are not many devices with this version of the operating system, and the ones which have it installed are not even entry-level devices. So, if you have Android 8.0, Nougat and all the other previous version, you cannot install Gmail Go. It is only compatible with Android 8.1 Oreo running devices. These partners can tweak the software to their needs, so not all Android phones will have notches. By embracing the iPhone X style notch design, Google is looking to make its presence felt in the flagship and premium segment. A smartphone from Essential, run by Android's former boss Andy Rubin, is the only other major handset on the market with the feature. It will also allow third-party app developers to integrate the AI in their apps for a complete smooth function. The company has weighed integrating the search bar on the Android home screen with its assistant, although neither of these changes have been approved for introduction this year, according to one of the people familiar with the situation.

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Notably, Android's "dramatic" redesign comes as Apple is reportedly refocusing its efforts on software quality rather than outward facing features.

Even before the last version of the Android OS, Oreo, is yet to be carried by many phones, there are already discussions over what Google will do with its next issue, the Android P. It is learnt that for internal communication purposes, Google identifies this as Android Pistachio Ice Cream, though the final name may not be the same.