Galentine's Day: Friends celebrating friends

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Comedian Amy Poehler started Galentine's Day on the sitcom, Parks and Recreation.

This Valentine's Day season, there are so many activities that you can do that promote platonic love.

Friendships are important; science even claims they are good for our health.

On Instagram, the hashtag #galentinesday has approximately 230,000 tagged posts that variate between Galentine's Day gifts, Galentine's Day inspiration posts and actual women celebrating the fictional celebration. While the bubbly Ms. Knope (played by Amy Poehler) and her friends shared gifts and stories over breakfast, today's festivities are held in museums and movie theaters, bakeries and bars - and often invite anyone, regardless of gender, to participate. Thus, women and men should both be able to participate equally in celebrations of friendship like Galentine's Day. Women all across the country are jumping on the bandwagon and adopting this tradition as a welcomed excuse to spend some quality time with friends.

In an effort to revive this childlike excitement, Galentine's Day has become my favorite February tradition.

"I really like that movie "Bridget Jones" Diary.' My ideal Valentine's day with my friends would be movie marathon, all the way". "The idea that, well, this came from a television show, so it's not really real or it's not really important, I actually don't buy that...", says Professor Gifford, who has taught courses including "American History through its Holidays".

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"It's easier to be fearless when you're not alone", she has said. But in recent years a more heartfelt - and in many ways more romantic - alternative has emerged on February 13: Galentine's Day.

We're not talking mega-spenny here - it's definitely the thought that counts here.

"I'll probably video call my boyfriend later that day because we're both busy on Wednesdays but if I could have my flawless Valentine's day with my friends, we would probably have brunch and then go shopping", Dalman said.

I'll be spending this Galentine's Day with my roommates and all the gals we can possibly fit inside our tiny college house.

The holiday gets its origin from the popular TV series "Parks and Recreation". Slather on the syrup and enjoy time out with your friends.

This one's for all you folks out there trying to get over someone. Self-love is the best kind of love, trust me.