Frantic driver calls 911 after his accelerator gets stuck

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Dispatchers tried to solve the problem over the phone as the vehicle flew down the interstate, asking Cooper if he had tried to put the auto in neutral or if he had any idea why it was stuck - in which he replied "no" to both. Troopers wanted him to stop.

After several attempts, authorities stopped the SUV.

Fellsmere police have jurisdiction over 10 miles of the interstate, from about 147-157.

Touchberry said Cooper did the right thing in a stressful situation.

Dispatchers asked Cooper if his brakes were working. Deploying stop sticks three times to flaten the SUV's tires, they finally brought the vehicle to a stop west of Vero Beach.

Cooper was treated and released from a hospital.

Cooper told emergency dispatchers that he lost control of his SUV shortly before 1 pm.

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

The vehicle began to swerve when it reached mile marker 155 and then came to a stop on the inside lane.

Not working, he said. He continued, "I'm about to hit somebody!" The auto company echoed the dispatcher's suggested solutions on how to stop the vehicle and added that the car's computer and floor design should not have allowed for a stuck pedal in the first place. "That lets the air out of the tire slowly so the auto can come to a stop safely".

It wasn't until spoke strips were deployed that Cooper's vehicle finally settled down to 40 miles per hour.

"All BMW vehicles, including the 2003 X5 described in this incident, employ an electronic accelerator pedal which uses software logic to override the accelerator whenever the brake pedal is pressed while driving".

Dashcam video released by the Fellsmere Police Department shows an officer deploying spike strips on the interstate in their third and final deployment of strips to try to stop the vehicle. The vehicle started to swerve and then came to a stop on the inside lane-after about 40 miles. But the driver was still unable to stop.

No one was hit. Cooper felt pain in his chest and was taken by ambulance to the Indian River Medical Center.

The Florida Highway Patrol is going over the BMW to learn why it would not stop.

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