Final Metal Gear Survive Beta Includes PC Players

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For the first time, the beta will be available to try on PC. The title previously faced a lot of hate but with the first footage that rolled out helped build up the image of the title in a positive manner. Taking place just one week ahead of the game's release, the beta will last for three days, from 15th - 18th February. More details on the North American beta will be revealed shortly. Special daily missions will also be added in the beta.

The open beta features a co-op multiplayer mode in which up to 4 players can team up together in two stages, Wrecked Base and Deserted Mine, featuring three different missions. The bonus will be made up of a FOX HOUND name plate, a Metal Gear REX head accessory, and a bandana.

Some specifications may differ from the actual game. The betas have so far only been available on console.

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Players who downloaded and still have the 1st beta on their PS4 or Xbox One do not need to redownload the beta, but these players will automatically download a patch before playing.

Konami has announced that it will be hosting a second open beta test for the upcoming action game Metal Gear Survive.