Facebook's Messenger Kids Arrives on Android

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Earlier, the texting with Facebook friends was available on the Facebook app itself.

Facebook's Messenger app for kids which was launched in December only for iOS, has roll out on Android devices in the U.S. Facebook made it available for Amazon Fire tablets last month.

In there efforts to connect everyone on the planet, Facebook has today launched a new messaging app for kids, but before you get excited it's only available in the US. Now, the company has chose to launch this application for the Android users as well and this application has been made available on the Google Play Store.

Unlike the regular Messenger application, the Kids version does not ask for a phone number or need a Facebook account. However, Facebook is adamant to tackle such risks by instead providing what they claim is a safe environment that is completely controlled by parents and has full transparency.

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"Given Facebook's enormous reach and marketing prowess, Messenger Kids will likely be the first social media platform widely used by elementary school children", the advocacy group said in its letter.

Messenger Kids has sparked a lot of discussions regarding the online safety of children and their potential exposure to harmful individuals.

Created to be a fun space for kids, the app lets users video call grandparents and use stickers or GIFs to play and make amusing faces, exchange birthday wishes and decorated photos with other children - provided that both sets of parents have authorized the connection. At best, Facebook is doing just what it says: it's providing a secure chat experience for young folks under 13 - while also setting them on a very direct course to continue using Facebook.