Elon Musk Drinks Beer With SpaceX Team After Falcon Heavy Launch

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The "Falcon Heavy" rocket was loaded down with a cargo consisting of Musk's own Tesla Roadster, making it the first production vehicle ever launched into space.

"Best crew in the world!"

The celebratory moment was captured on smartphone video by Shannon Lydic, a server at Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill, a restaurant near Cape Canaveral Air Force Station that this frequented by SpaceX employees.

February 22: Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Hispasat 30W-6 communications satellite. The live-stream of the Falcon Heavy Test Flight was the second-most-watched in YouTube's history, and the launch led all three television network broadcasts in the US Tuesday evening.

How it got there was on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful rocket that's launched from the United States since the 1970s, which blasted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Centre in Florida on Tuesday afternoon, USA time, or Wednesday morning, AEDT time.

Interestingly, the newspaper hasn't translated this fairly balanced editorial (compared to its many other strongly worded editorials) into English so far.

While nationalism is deeply embedded in China's national media reports, many Chinese citizens, impressed by Musk's feat, reflected upon China's problems from a totally different angle. "In other words, NASA could buy 10 Falcon Heavy launches for the cost of one SLS launch - and invest the remainder in truly revolutionary and meaningful missions that advance science and exploration".

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"I don't want to jump the gun on those but I think we've got a good plan, ' Musk said".

"Automation fixes being done in Germany suggest that Model 3 production targets are at risk and that investors will not be surprised by such delays, which we expect will allow TSLA to push out capex payments, reducing near-term cash pressure", analyst Colin Rusch said in a note to clients.

SpaceX - and the space community in general - is notoriously loose with deadlines.

The government should be focusing on their unique, longer-term goals and partnering with the private sector to help incentivize the success of this commercial US enterprise.

Business Insider contacted SpaceX and NASA for more details about the offer (which was worth about $90 million) and why the opportunity was declined, but we didn't receive a response before this story was published. When Falcon Heavy was first announced back in 2011, Musk said it could fly within the next couple of years.

"After that it's just going to be out there in deep space for maybe millions, maybe billions of years, who knows?" said Musk. "Normally they'd launch a block of concrete or something, that's boring", said Musk.