Egypt to probe ex-army chief and aide over secret files

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The former president of the Central Auditing Organization, the Egyptian advisor Hisham Geneina, revealed that Anan has documents and evidence which condemn numerous current leaderships in Egypt regarding the serious events that took place after the revolution of 25 January 2011, and his warning to disclose them in the event of prejudice, after keeping them with people outside Egypt.

The lawyer told media that military prosecutors have made a decision to remand Geneina in custody for 15 days pending the completion of an investigation.

Mr Anan was arrested on January 23 and days later Mr Genena was attacked in a Cairo street by men he said were working on behalf of the government. He told HuffPost Arabi that Anan, now in prison, might leak the files if he is formally charged with a crime by military prosecutors or was hurt.

An hour after the army's statement, Anan's lawyer Nasser Amin distanced his client from Geneina's controversial remarks.

In a statement released by the army's official spokesperson on Monday night, it was asserted that the Armed Forces will take all legal actions against Geneina after he said he would release statements that could undermine the country's current leadership.

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The army added will use all the rights entitled by the constitution and laws to protect the national security, adding all the legal procedures will e taken against Anan and Genena. His wife, Wafaa Kedieh, said that he was taken to the military prosecution.

Mr Genena's sister, Enas, told The Telegraph that dozens of police had come to his home in New Cairo at around noon on Tuesday. This was also confirmed by Genena's lawyer Taha Ali.

In a statement on Facebook, he described the claims as "unfounded, untrue and bearing no relation to reality".

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