100 days to GDPR compliance deadline

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The preparations in relation to the processing of tenants and employees' personal data will be more extensive and should take priority in our view. He's got a new broom and he won't be afraid to require sweeping changes. Furthermore, results suggested that professionals were struggling with conducting risk assessments, creating policies and procedures, and conducting a data protection impact assessment or a data audit in compliance with the Regulation. This could be particularly effective for small-to-medium businesses that don't have an employee who could naturally take on the DPO role, or the budget to hire an additional person.

Defining and understanding personal data scope, and data discovery: what constitutes personal data and where is it located?

Whether a business chooses to appoint the DPO as a brand-new position or assign this responsibility to an existing employee, there's no doubt that GDPR compliance can be costly to businesses.

Capital Network Solutions goes through what GDPR is and provides a handy checklist to help you check and prepare for GDPR. Under the current data protection regime, if you process personal data in different countries across Europe, you are required to consider the different data protection rules that apply from country to country. Organizations need to follow the "bit train" of data as it moves through and outside the organization.

Achieving this will make it easier for banks to not only comply rigorously and sustainably with the GDPR, but also achieve greater utility from their data, thereby enabling improvements in efficiency and cost reduction across the firm; good data underpins good processing in the long term.

The law is meant to give European citizens more control over their online information and applies to all firms that do business with Europeans. The GDPR grants individuals the right to know when a decision was made automatically regarding their personal data and requires their rights to be maintained.

The proportion of people who are "Data Pragmatists" has remained broadly static at around half of the United Kingdom population (50%), with these consumers willing exchange their personal information in exchange for clear benefit or enhancement of services. Critically, 88% cite transparency as one of the keys to further increasing trust in how their data is collected and used. This protection can come in a number of forms including robust anti-virus products, and even threat-specific anti-virus solutions like anti-Ransomware.

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Organizations need to get out in front of new data protection legislation like GDPR, giving special consideration to communications technology.

If the data is being transferred between the organisation or individual and a third party, each party will need to make sure they have the systems in place to protect this data from attack, and detect any breach should it occur.

It's recommended that businesses adopt a multi-layered approach to IT security for the best level of protection.

Specifically with GDPR, EU Parliament wants businesses to shift from security as an afterthought to protecting all important data by default and by design.

Data Breaches - under DPA, a business has no obligation to report a data breach.

Whilst the primary aim of the regulation is to put the consumer and citizens first, there are many remedies available to the regulators to encourage compliance.