Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in December, Says Microsoft Exec

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Nintendo has announced today, January 12, that a series of big games is ready to be launched this year for the Nintendo Switch console.

What do you think of EA's latest move to release more titles on the Nintendo Switch? Whilst "Dark Souls" was hugely popular upon its release, certain areas in the game were taxing for the older systems and caused severe framerate issues which marred the experience. The second mode is Find It, where players will attempt to find balloons hidden by other players.

Nintendo is yet to announce the exact release date of "Mario Tennis Aces". In any case, Dark Souls: Remastered will land on Xbox One, PS4, and PC the same day it launches on the Switch: May 25, 2018. And given both how much it already costs and how limited the entire set will be, you're probably going to have to act fast. The story mode will have players traveling across the Mushroom Kingdom participating in matches, minigames, and boss battles. Payday 2 will be coming to the Switch while making use of the HD rumble feature as well as utilizing the touch screen for menus in handheld mode. No doubt the PC version has also been created to run much better and the #Nintendo Switch version will run at 1080p/30fps when docked in TV mode. Most likely, they are glad to find out about this today.

Deontay Wilder to defend WBC title against Luis Ortiz
Ortiz, meanwhile, took a last-minute return bout on December 8 and finished an overmatched Daniel Martz with one punch . Showtime will produce the event and will televise it either on Showtime or on sister network CBS.

The PC release of the game, which followed a year after the console release, was poorly optimized and PC gamers had to rely on modders to stabilize the game. Not only is he coming to Mario+Rabbids, his own outstanding Wii U game is also getting ported to the Switch. It will also include a "sizeable new scenario".

Despite its age, the original Dark Souls is still an incredibly popular game and players have been asking for a remastered version for a while now. Sure, it may a port of an old game, but it is an important game to many people.

Dark Souls is a third-person role-playing game which takes place in an open world connected by a central area known as the Firelink Shire.