Upcoming Map Update Set to Introduce More Points of Interest

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A new update to Fortnite is on the way, and this one primarily deals with the game's sole Battle Royale map. The quick two-minute development update goes over some high level changes you can expect to see when the Fortnite update goes live, with much more detailed patch notes expected to come sometime next week.

A new point of interest known simply as City will be introduced, and the west side of the map is about to become more populated due to the upcoming influx of more named areas.

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, for all the controversy that initially surrounded it, has found a solid footing within the genre.

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In addition to the all-new locations, they're making the existing locations of the map feel more like unique biomes.

More "quality of life" improvements are also coming, but the update's not specific on what form those will take in the short term. This is largely prompted by the game's free price tag, alongside Epic Games' regular weekly updates ensuring the game is as polished as can be.

The update fixes a number of issues to Battle Royale and Save the World. As Williamson explained, "We felt that [the west] was a little light on points of interest, so we wanted to even out the map and make it feel like there were more locations to drop into".