Trump adviser said escorted by security from CNN after blow-out book interview

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Donald Trump has Jewdar, says the author whose book about the president is roiling the White House.

Steven Bannon has been torpedoed by President Trump, his stakeholders in Breitbart News and conservative media, he is now on his knees pleading for mercy, his political career destroyed.

But, this little exchange between Miller and Jake Tapper shows just how insane the Trump administration truly is. Colbert exclaimed. "But everyone knows that Miller's actual age is... 38? 61?"

Miller's interview on CNN's State of the Union quickly grew heated, with Miller criticising CNN's coverage and moderator Jake Tapper accusing Miller of speaking to an audience of one: his boss.

" Looks like somebody got a word-a-day calendar for the holidays!" he joked.

The paper said two sources reported that Miller had refused several requests to leave and that in the end security was called to escort him out of the building.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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Also, there was a unanimous support to the National Medical Commission Bill. Kumar said that the jobs situation was also on the agenda of the meeting.

President Donald Trump, Miller said, is a "a self-made billionaire who revolutionized reality TV and changed the course of politics".

Miller accused Tapper of being condescending and said CNN has had "24 hours of negative anti-Trump hysterical coverage" - coverage that led to spectacular mistakes.

The only problem was that this time someone leaked information that made it sound like Miller was a little too genuinely ruffled by Jake Tapper. Instead, Miller sought to repeat an anecdote about Trump's ability to dictate campaign speeches on the fly.

Stephen Colbert, another one of Trump's nemeses, chose to weigh in on the ugly episode by swapping himself in for Tapper. When the White House released its official transcript Tuesday afternoon, the president's line - "Yeah, I would like to do it" - was missing.

"But I think that like many things CNN says, the story has the most important virtue of all CNN stories of being not true", he added. "I am offended. I'm offended by you and I'm offended by your network".

Miller slammed the book as "very poorly written fiction" and "a pile of trash through and through", and said Wolff was "a garbage author of a garbage book". The interview became so contentious that Tapper cut the interview short and said Miller was wasting his viewers' time.

"The reality is that the president is a political genius who won against a field of 17 incredibly talented people, who took down the Bush dynasty, who took down the Clinton dynasty", Miller said.