Truckers Driving Towards an End to Human Trafficking

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11, is the actual day when awareness of human trafficking - and strategies to end it forever - are brought under the national spotlight.

Included in the legislation is the Felony Human Trafficking Act of 2018 which would classify felony human trafficking as a violent act, ensuring that perpetrators get harsher and longer sentences.

Dickey says Denver human trafficking has an estimated value of $39.5 million per year, making the front range a trafficking "hot spot".

"I am very excited by what this conference will do". Jennifer Orr, a member of the coalition, said human trafficking is essentially the modern-day form of slavery, all over the world.

Kentucky law requires that anyone who suspects a child is being trafficked must report it.

Rojas, now an active volunteer and leader of the Valley Against Sex Trafficking, shared her experiences as a sex slave to educate the public about human trafficking and give hope to other survivors.

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- North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein on Thursday said the state is working with several partners to help combat human trafficking. We do have a drug and opioid issue, and we are surrounded borders and we also have a lot of refugees here. "And we really can do that", says Smith. The individual is unaware that this is a crime and that there are resources available to help them.

"Most of what I see is familial trafficking", he said, "which is where the parents tend to prostitute their children out".

"Human trafficking has sadly become a worldwide problem and developed into a $32 billion a year trade", said PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards.

"It was such an undercover operation, but now it's being exposed and I just think it's just a tragedy", said Harrison County Supervisor Kent Jones.

Marissa Castellanos with the Catholic Charities of Louisville human trafficking program says every Kentuckian has a role to play in helping victims of both sex and labor trafficking. Many victims are children and it's happening online.

"There's a positive that can be made out of it and if I can save my daughters, or multiple people's daughters, then that's definitely something I want to do", she said. These snapshots of tailored information use statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH), including the number of cases reported, number of persons trafficked, demographic information about potential victims, and the locations where instances of trafficking occurred.