Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Live Tour Could Earn Her Close To $500 Million

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Taylor Swift must have a big reputation in New England, because she's just added a third show at Gillette Stadium this summer.

The new show will be on July 13 at Lincoln Financial Field, joining the originally planned July 14 show as her only two concerts in Philadelphia.

Tickets for the July 27 and 28 shows went on sale last month.

Swift diehards, often referred to as Swifties, can improve their position in line to purchase tickets by buying "boosts", such as pre-ordering her album, buying a replica of a snake ring she wore in a music video ($60) or a $50 Taylor Swift T-shirt, according to the New York Post.

Fact of the matter is this: old Taylor, who sold tickets for her concerts at $60 a pop, can't come to the phone right now.

While none of the tour dates have appeared to sell out yet, Taylor's team anticipated this and are using the slow-ticketing method this time around. "There are hundreds if not thousands of tickets left for every show".

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An example of a large section of MetLife Stadium where tickets are still available for Taylor Swift's July 20 concert.

The Post reported that Swift's upcoming tour is turning out to be a "disaster", thanks to high-priced tickets and controversial ticketing methods.

If your 2018 wish was for more Taylor Swift - you're in luck. Citing sources close to the singer, Billboard reported this week that Swift sold almost $180 million worth in tickets in the first week.

Insiders told Billboard Swift's going with a different approach emphasizing higher prices over faster sales - following in the footsteps of artists such as The Rolling Stones and Jay-Z - while leaving available tickets for fans the night of the show.

"I paid $150 for my ticket with incredible seats for the 1989 tour", one fan was quoted as saying.

Concert ticket sales are probably the best way musicians can earn money in this day and age.