Samsung unveils monstrous 146-inch modular MicroLED TV dubbed "The Wall"

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A big draw is that it's modular, which means users can customize the size and shape of the screen by adding or removing sections of it.

I'll talk about what's going on with the two most popular conventional TV technologies-LCDs (including most of what is marketed as LED sets) and normal OLEDs-in my next post, but in this post I'll discuss some of the more interesting alternative display technologies I saw at the show.

But a 65-inch foldable TV isn't the only thing that will be showcased at the event as LG is also set to show off its new 88-inch 8K OLED display. The MicroLED panels comprising the TV are quite unlike existing LED-backlit LCD technology, otherwise commonly found in LED TVs. A few inches of the display can be left up to show information like the weather or headlines. It happens because many movies aren't filmed in the typical 16:9 TV aspect ratio.

"At Samsung, security is our top priority in developing Smart TV technology", Samsung Electronics President of Visual Display Business Jonghee Han said in a press release.

The proprietary LG OLED technology is designed to deliver perfect blacks thanks to its ability to turn each pixel on or completely off

The way this works is, essentially, each micrometre (µm) scale LED - that are much smaller than regular LEDs - emit their own own light, eliminating the need for any backlight or colour filters. It's not the same technology as OLED, and Samsung says it offers the flawless blacks of OLED but can get much brighter and has fewer off-axis color issues.

Demonstrated at CES, the "Wall" as the company calls it is made up of tiles of microLEDs seamlessly jointed together and is described as a modular product. What's more, an early report by CNET states that the seams between modules isn't visible, unlike other modular large form factor displays. Samsung says it will be commercially available this year. This indicates the stiff competition between QLED TV makers and AMOLED TV makers will continue. Most impressively, it showed a 150-inch version, though that is not yet slated for commercial availability. Other vendors touting 4K projectors included Sony, LG, and Chinese vendor Changhong.

Samsung isn't just content making TVs bigger. It was an operating system for budget TVs which served up all the usual TV stuff - a program guide, picture and sound settings - and a way to quickly get to Amazon's Prime Video content.

Samsung is mulling hard the development of QLED TVs (to compete with LG's AMOLED TVs), with plans to launch commercially a 8K QLED TV later this year. "Of course, The Wall will probably be insanely expensive, but they say it's coming out this year and it's really cool".

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