Samsung Unveils 146-Inch, Wall-Sized TV Called 'The Wall'

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Flexible televisions are just one unusual screen technology on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, as several big TV makers use the Las Vegas event to gamble on what the future of home entertainment will look like.

But even though some of these TVs may not be available for purchase, they can point to what might come in the future, according to Patrick Moorhead, president of tech analysis firm Moor Insights & Strategy. The show also features futuristic concepts, such as a display you can roll up like wrapping paper and hide away. All Smart TV from this year will be equipped with Samsung Knox; if the security software detects a malicious application it'll remove it. OLED TVs on the other hand don't need a backlight as each OLED emits its own light source, giving absolute black levels. Yet the company keeps investing in microLED TV R&D in parallel, which has the potential for much brighter displays with a higher luminous efficiency, while still offering the pure blacks from OLEDs as it is too a self-emitting technology.

However, don't expect to see this TV in retail stores anytime soon. Arguably, the tiling scheme could be arranged by Samsung to match customers' specific requirements and the bezel-free "wall" could be combined with other units. LG's rollable display answers to consumers' wishes for the TV to disappear when not being used, it said.

Samsung Electronics on Monday introduced "The Wall", the world's first modular microLED television.

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The company unveiled its 146-inch television screen "The Wall" this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Moreover, the screen can be customized for different purposes.

Beyond saying it would ship this year, no pricing or availability for MicroLED was announced.

You can ask the voice assistant to search for movies, play your favorite show, do a Google Search or read you the weather from your TV. The diagonal size of this behemoth of a TV is 146 inches.

LG's new OLED TVs are made smarter with a touch of AI, and with Google's Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in.