Rumor: Dark Souls Remastered For PS4 Leaked Via Twitter

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Bandai Namco have announced that Dark Souls: Remastered is on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Something to keep in mind is that FROMSOFT also joined in with Nintendo to develop games for the Switch, it's possible that the remaster may be making its way to Switch, which has been rumored quite the many times. Naturally, and given the bad initial state of the PC version of the first Dark Souls game, a lot of PC gamers wondered whether this would be a free upgrade for them. Even the current PC port isn't the best, so to finally be able to see this game in its intended glory is all I really need.

On everything but Switch, Dark Souls Remastered will run at an upscaled 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

Are you excited to play Dark Souls again?

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Scholar of the First Sin, and Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades, and hits stores in Japan on May 24. Another change happening according to this same source is that the multiplayer number will be expanded to six concurrent players, while also stylizing the first game to be more similar to that of the third installment. Dark Souls players will likely appreciate the ability to play through the entire series on one console, especially with all of the DLC.

It's Dark Souls news day!

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, you will soon be glad to know that you will have another reason to throw it across the room in a fit of rage.