Protests Set For Friday At Tim's Locations

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"This is just one slice of the hard decisions that Ontario business owners are having to face", she said. "It's also happening in a number of other businesses across Ontario, as well".

A group of people gathered at a Barrie Tim Hortons to show disapproval over reports that the restaurant chain has been reducing employee benefits to mitigate the minimum-wage increase.

Kincardine Tim Hortons manager David Hoogenboom said during the phone call that "unfortunately it's a no comment", after Postmedia asked for a local comment on the demonstration.

Ladd said the Tim Hortons' backlash pointed to the need for further action, such as enacting protections in Ontario employment law for "concerted activity", and against unjust dismissal.

Restaurant Brands International publicly denounced the clawbacks to workers, but Leadnow and the Fight for $15 & Fairness say that's nowhere near enough - they want to see concrete action taken.

"We have a unique economy on the shoreline, and the excellent standard of living that many people have been able to come to over the years, thankfully, hides those that provide those necessary services for us", he said.

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Giroux said that could include allowing franchise owners to generate revenue in other ways, such as by raising prices, rather than cutting back on workers' benefits and breaks.

"I have many patients who are minimum-wage workers in the fast-food industry and it's very clear that access to paid sick days, access to benefits, access to paid breaks. these things all improve their mental well-being". "That's destroying the image of, 'Hey, we're one of you guys". The question is how workers in service industry can address grievances that they have. In the long run those workers will end up making less.

"It says labour is here to help everyone", she said.

He said there has been some success in some low-wage stores, and every one that does organize is a step in the right direction.

Armed with clipboards and labour study facts, Fight for 15 volunteers eagerly approached the bustling public at both the University of Regina and Cornwall Centre on Friday in support of the affected Ontario workers.

He said RBI CEO Daniel Schwartz earns 300 times more than the average Tim Hortons employee.